Free software "Aptana" to replace Dreamweaver

In the development environment of JavaScript, in short, it is the IDE for JavaScript, but it shows most of the structure of HTML and CSS in outline, points out grammar mistakes, etc. Most of the functions Dreamweaver possess It is the same as.

Particularly interesting is the fact that it is easy to understand whether JavaScript, CSS, etc. are compatible with InternetExplorer and Firefox. We will point out details on JavaScript errors as well. In other words, "static analysis" can be made to understand whether an error exists in a doc without executing it.

There are Windows, Macintosh, Linux version, and there are versions that operate as Eclipse plugins.

Screenshots and movies that actually move and explain the features, download from below.
Aptana: The Web IDE

Various screenshots

The movie that I actually use is from the following.

It is very easy to understand. It is said that such software comes out with open source ....

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