Illustrator creates realistic vector art like photos

Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator employs a vector format that does not make images rough even if it is scaled, but it is a startling technique that uses such Illustrator to create a realistic image like a photo.

As you can see from the sample image above, it looks like a picture, but the contents are in vector format.

Other sample images and how to make are as follows.
The World's Most Photorealistic Vector Art

All the images that can be traced from the above page are incredible

How to make this is like this. It takes time and effort.

Gradient Mesh Tutorial

Illustrations of other vector formats are full here.

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This kind of procedure will be used when making such photo realistic things as usual, in Photoshop.

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So, this combination of Photoshop technique and Illustrator technique will be like this.


The number of layers in use is over 15,000, the alpha channel is over 500, the number of passes is over 250 thousand and it is unimaginable.

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