Production of "Terminator 4" is almost fixed

According to the announcement of the distributor MGM, it is going to produce ... .... I wonder how far I am willing to do .... Also, it seems that the movie will be "The Hobbit Adventure" in the previous chapter of the ring story.

Other known information is as follows.
FILM - Terminator 4 Announced

Scream If You Want It - The Hobbit and Terminator 4

It will be completely new terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not seem to star in Bari Bali. The stage is not the present, but it is going to be a future.

Other than that, it will be open to the public in the future, or it is under construction, or a list of lists almost determined by movies.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: July 13, 2007 nationwide release, Japan is summer 2007

The Adventure of the Hobbit (The Hobbit): There are two possibilities of the first part and the second part, it is almost fixed

Scouting team A team: Almost fixed

Pirates of the Caribbean (At Worlds End): May 25, 2007 nationwide release, Japan is May 26

Spider-Man 3: Published May 4, 2007, Japan will be on May 5

Indiana Jones 4: Almost fixed

Die · Hard 4: Almost fixed

24 THE MOVIE: Almost fixed

The Chronicles of Narnia Chapter 2 "The Tiny of Caspian Prince":Confirm

Gun dream (BATTLE ANGEL): The director is professing to make it a movie

By the way, what happened to the live - action version of Evangelion? I will not listen to it at all.

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