Free service with more than 180 kinds of brushes for Photoshop "PS Brushes"

There is a brush in Photoshop, which you can use any shape easily. If you use it effectively you can produce massive images as much as you need, so it is handy when you need quick and visual flashy images etc.

The site which collected all such Brushes for Photoshop is "PS Brushes". There are over 180 kinds of brush sets at the moment, and it is classified by genre. It seems that it will be added more and more in the future.

Other brush distribution sites and usage methods in GIMP are as follows.
PS Brushes - The Largest Photoshop Brush Resource on The Internet

The brush installation method is also written.

Installing Brushes

How to use with GIMP is as follows, if you convert it can be used regardless of OS.

Let's use the Photoshop brush

Other than that, "deviantART" 's "Photoshop Brushes" category is famous.

Browse deviantART: Photoshop Brushes

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