PC case made from Lego

Various PC cases have been created, ranging from seemingly just toy to something that looks like a normal PC case.

Details are as follows.
PC case using transparent block.

Chaotic Computing - Projects

It is transparent.

I can see the light inside.

Lego PC with a small monitor

Construction work by LEGO workers.

A PC case like a secret base.

Ari levine details - Mofo Cases

An emblem seal is also stuck.

The movie which is finally working is from the following. It is quite showy.
YouTube - Ari Levine's pimped out lego case mod computer

PC case reminiscent of the disk system.

Dorian's Lego PCs case 5

A case that extrudes LEGO 's likelihood.

Dorian's Lego PCs case 2

PC case like a secret base Part 2.

Winston's Lego Computer

Receiver for wireless keyboard is mobile.

The CD tray opens the hatch and comes out.

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