The video posting function will be introduced in mixi by March 2007

This year'sYahoo! Search word Ranking 1st, And when enabling user registration from mobile phones,Over 100,000 registered in 3 daysThere was a very popular mixi, but according to the interview that the president told in the interview that the policy to introduce video posting function by March 2007.

Details are as follows.
According to Mr. Kenji Kasahara, president of Mixi Co., which manages mixi, it is said that it is a policy to introduce video posting function to mixi by March 2007. Due to the generalization and necessity of communication using animation, it was that it was great that YouTube gained popularity because it wanted to make it possible to use video posting widely in the site.

This time we interviewed the Mainichi Shimbun, see the following link for an article about this.

Mixi: Introduction policy for video posting function by March 2007 - Today's topic: MSN Everyday Interactive

The impress interview in November also said that the video posting function will be implemented during fiscal 2006, so it seems that the day it will be possible to handle movies within mixi.

"Preparing for expansion of video and music functions also prepared" Mixi expansion to listen to President Kasahara

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