"Spaml" which fully produces disposable e-mail address

"Spaml" is a very interesting net service that automatically generates a disposable e-mail address only by accessing the site and copies it to the clipboard. Just paste the email address as needed. Moreover, the part of the mail address is completely random, but it is also possible to change it to a favorite name.

I would like to register as a trial member but what should I do if spam mail comes? Or it is convenient when you do not want to tell your email address unnecessarily because it seems unnecessary since it is necessary after the temporary application a mail address for confirmation is necessary.

Usage etc. are as follows.
Spaml disposable email

Easy to use, I just go to the site above. Since the e-mail address for disposable is displayed in the upper right, I just use it.

When mail arrives, it will be received and updated automatically like this. It is a pity that I can only speak Japanese.

In addition, you can change to a favorite name by clicking "Custom Address" under the mail address displayed in the upper right

After changing, click "Submit"

The change is complete.

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