10 reasons to eat more chocolate

It seems to be good for the body to eat chocolate, it seems that it was actually used as a medicine in the past. What is the effect actually?

Details are as below.1. Blood pressure drop
Cacao'sFlavonoidIt seems that it balances the blood pressure and blood coagulation.

2. Promotion of blood circulation to the brain
Cacao flavonol seems to improve blood flow to the key area of ​​the brain.

3. Feeling of mood
Dark chocolateCaffeine and other chemical substances contained in it are said to be good for mood and premenstrual symptoms. Also included in chocolatePhenethylamineIt seems to be a trigger of the same feeling as a feeling of falling in love.

Four. Protection of cell destruction, 5. Improvement of blood sugar level
It seems that pure dark chocolate flavonoids will have a positive effect.

6. Decrease in heart attack
Eating dark chocolate everyday seems to reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%.

7.Chronic fatigue syndromeHelp relaxation
Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who ate 1.5 ounces (about 42.5 grams) of dark chocolate containing 85% cocoa seems to have less fatigue than before eating.

8. Increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol
Compared to tea, coffee, onion, dark chocolate seems to be related to a decrease in bad cholesterol.

9. Promotion of blood sugar treatment
Eating dark chocolate increases blood glucose metabolism and the risk of diabetes seems to be diminished.

10. Relaxation of persistent cough
It is one of the substances making up cocoaTheobromineIt seems to be very effective.

Many chocolates contain a lot of fat, sugar, calories and so on so that they eat something with sugar and milk fat removed, and since they are also classified finely as chocolate, at least 60 % It seems that it is recommended to choose things that contain cacao or more. (Chocolate standard)

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10 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate | Laurel on Health Food

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