Postcards with New Year's cards for New Year's cards 2008 started selling from today

In November it was only a little later this year, but I bought New Year 's cards postcard for next year as it was released today. One piece of inkjet paper is 50 yen, and for inkjet photography which is most suitable for photographic printing, it is 60 yen per sheet. Last year wasI got a piggy bank with a gift of wild boar, It seems to come with something if you buy a large amount this year.

Details are as follows from the inkjet paper New Year's Card 50 packs.

The pack changes when it reaches 200 sheets.

Pocket tissue got by coarse goods.

Every time you buy 50 New Year cards, you can receive one postcard for "Japanese taste, inn, travel" present campaign.

This amount is about 300 sheets.

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