A variety of free services that analyze images and create color palettes

It is various free net service that extracts elements of color that make up the image from the uploaded image and creates color palette. It is quite nice to use it when unifying the color of the entire site.

Details are as below.
Generate a Color Palette from an Image | Arno Nel 2.0

Color Palette Generator
Resizes the uploaded image to 300 pixels and analyzes it.

Palette Generator: Automagically create a harmonious color palette from a photograph
Willi can cooperate with services such as Flickr and Photobucket.

It is also possible to randomly select an image from Flickr to generate a color palette, or to acquire the address of a web page and generate from it. It is quite diverse.

For example, if there is such an image, putting a mouse on it ... ...

Color separation to pieces

Color Palette Generator
Specify the address of the image on the Internet and use it.

Color Hunter
In addition to uploading and using images, you can also specify tags and hex codes.

In addition to creating a color palette, you can also change the color palette of the image.

Easy to understand

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