NHK, to broadcast "NHK on demand" to broadcast the program on the next day with high definition image quality

Previously at GIGAZINENHK will be paid a past program during 2008We reported, but from the report of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, its details became clear.

The service name is "NHK on demand", which means that popular programs such as drama and popular programs in the past will be distributed at high-definition picture quality.

Details are as below.
NHK, Internet delivery on the next day of broadcast - "Dora Dora" for a fee for 10 days

According to this article, NHK will collaborate with Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (JCOM), a major cable TV company and ACTVIRA, a net distribution company that is owned by home appliances companies and other companies, to distribute popular programs at high-definition image quality on a pay- Demand "to begin.

A full-fledged service of delivering programs broadcasted by terrestrial broadcasting as it is to domestic TVs and PCs is the first domestic service, and about 20 programs including popular dramas will be delivered for up to 10 days from the broadcasting day, and in the past It is said that about 1000 popular programs will be offered.

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy not only the latest program but also the nostalgic program you want to watch again online easily.

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