Live action movie version "Dragon Ball" will be all three trilogy

It was scheduled to be released on 15th August this year,For the convenience of production it was decided to be released in Japan ahead of the world in the spring break season next yearAlthough it is a live-action movie version "Dragon Ball", it seems to be all three trilogy works.

I wonder if you are going to make it real live to "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball GT" ....

Details are as below.
Segunda parte de Dragonball se filmara en el primer trimestre del 2009

According to this article, one of the staff currently working on the live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" at the shooting site revealed that the live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" will be a trilogy in all. It is said that the shooting of the second part will be started in the first half of 2009, he said that he updated the staff's insurance for that.

Also, it is said that all three pictures will be taken at Durango in Mexico where shooting is currently taking place.

Apparently it seems to be a pretty spectacular story,An original character not appearing character also appearsSo, it is a place where you are wondering how far is the original story and how far it will be the original expansion.

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