A drunkard may be hard to become cancerous

It seems that there is an effect to alleviate the risk of a specific cancer among genes possessed by people who do not get drunk easily even if they drink a lot of alcohol.

Details are from the following.ABC News: Drinkers' Genes May Cut Cancer Risk

FrenchLyonAccording to the study done in the United Kingdom, the gene that the person of liquor professionals can suppress cancer which increases incidence by drinking alcohol. As a result of studying about 3,500 people with cancer cells in respiratory organs and digestive organs,Alcohol dehydrogenaseIt was found that the enzymes ADH1B and ADH7 in ADH are related to alcohol metabolism, and people called a liquor professional have found that these two enzymes undergo special change and the alcohol metabolism rate is remarkably increased . Also, if alcohol remains in the body for a long time, the carcinogenic ratio increases, so we can suppress the carcinogenic rate by quickly metabolizing alcohol.

Even in heavy drinkers mass consumption of alcohol may lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. Also, because there is a high possibility of adverse effects on fetus, drinking accidents, criminal activities, it is better to drink moderately.

After all it means "Do not drink too much".

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