NHK is the first major terrestrial television station to partner with YouTube to start streaming video

Previously at GIGAZINETokyo MX TV became the first terrestrial television station in the country to partner with YouTubeWe talked about, but the other day NHK partnered with YouTube.

Because this is the first attempt as a major terrestrial television station, we are concerned about the tendency of future commercial companies.

Details are as below.
NHK has appeared on YouTube!

According to this YouTube Japanese version official blog article, NHK has opened a channel on YouTube from May 27th.

And NHK will be held this yearHokkaido Toyako SummitSpecial program that appeals for prevention of global warming, which is scheduled to be broadcasted on June 6 (Friday) to 8 (Sunday) according to "SAVE THE FUTURE"A total of 16 videos such as Norika Fujiwara, Love Fukuhara, Ayaka Hirahara, Perfume's video message and Ryuichi Sakamoto's image song introduction movie are being distributed.

All movies are said to be compatible with high image quality playback.

Access is from the following.

YouTube - NHKonline's channel

It is scheduled to start in December this yearNHK's on-demand service "NHK On Demand"And NHK is showing a considerably positive attitude towards the net, is not it?

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