Albino animals with a pure white body

A photograph of animals that are congenitally lacking melanin pigment and become a pure white body. Albino animals are sometimes said to be a divine force of God from a small number and a white appearance reflecting the light, but there is beauty that I consent unexpectedly.

Details are as below. A white crocodile called "white diamond" who attended a reptile show held at Safari Park in Germany.

Gorilla in Barcelona Zoo in Spain. It seems that I lost my life as soon as this picture was taken.

Peacock spread white feathers in Columbia's botanical garden.

Hedgehogs in the Duisburg Zoo in Germany.

Among the people confirmed, one albino earthworm in the world

A squirrel of albino discovered in England.

Two weeks old cobra taken at the National Zoo in Sri Lanka. White snake is said to be auspicious in many parts of Japan.

Parent and child of red-necked Wallaby taken at the Zoo Zoo in the Czech Republic.

In addition to these, various albino animals are introduced at the following link.
ABC News: Albino Animals: Ghosts of the Wild

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