Okina Megumi official blog is covered with spirit photography

A film released on September 6shutterUsing spiritual blog parts, starringMegumi Okina official blogIt seems that it can be covered with psychic photographs.

Also, since this blog part is distributed on the official website, it is also possible to have your own blog in the same way and full of spirit photography.

Details of spirit pictures are from the following.
The entry to which the blog part is affixed is the following address.

Megumi Okina official blog "shutter" blog parts

When the shutter is pushed, the whole is flushed, the image in the page becomes a spirit photograph, and a ghost appeared by on-mouse to the ghost part

Fade away and disappears

Like this

As an image this kind of atmosphere

I want to see blogs with such eyes in too much transfiguration

In addition, this strange blog part itself can be obtained from the following page.

"Shutter" spiritual · blog parts

The actual demo page is below. It is considerable destructive power.

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