The killer hired by her husband trying to kill his wife is killed by his wife in reverse

A little while ago, it seems that there was an incident that the husband's hired killer to kill his wife was murdered by his wife. The unprecedented incident of killing a killer as opposed to the situation of directing a killer is also a shocking back then. Let's see why her husband sent a killer to his wife and how he repelled a killer.

Details are from the following.Man at center of failed hit man plot sentenced to 10 years | - Portland, Oregon | Local & Regional

Police: Nurse strangled hit man - Crime & amp; courts-

It was Susan Kuhnhausen (then 51 years old) who fought bravely with the killer. When Susan finished his work and went home, he encountered a killer who had a canari. Mr. Susan faced against a killer with bare hands and fought repulsently. However, it seems that the murder had killed the killer who tried to kill himself.

Edward Dalton Haffey is the name of the killer who hit Susan. Haffey works at an adult video shop and said he had been serving as a long time due to robbery and a murderer conspiracy crime like this time in the past.

Haffey's cause of death is death. Susan immediately took a cannucis and seemed to fight back. Susan is big, while Haffey was a crazy physique, Haffey suspected himself to beat him. Susan also seemed to have been injured in the head and so on, but fortunately he seemed to have taken a life. The dead body of Haffey was found at the entrance.

This person is Susan Kuhnhausen

After that, Haffey suspected that her husband Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. (58 years old) was a killer hired to kill his wife, Michael suspected of murder and attempted murder conspiracy It seems that it was done. Michael suspected Haffey was the boss of the adult video shop where he was working. At that time, Michael suspect and Susan were mediating in divorce, seems to have sent a killer who wanted to bring it up for reconciliation somehow.

Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. suspect

Police announced that Susan's behavior is recognized as legitimate defense. Michael suspected that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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