Yoichi Shimada 's bestseller' Saga no yaba a grandma ', to games

It was revealed that Tri-First Co., Ltd. acquired the right to gaming the best selling "Saga's Baba grandma" that became a movie, TV drama, etc., by a novel by Yomiuri Shimada / Yoichi Shimada. Tri-First is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yukes Co., Ltd.,Pointing in love ~ Koi is a big adventure! Ambition of Dr. Kanmi! Is it? ~We are making such things.

What kind of game will it be ....

Details are as below.
Tri-First official website

(PDF file) "Saga no yaba a grandma" Notice of acquisition of game right

According to Triast First, it got permission from B & B record and got the right to make monopoly games, details about game content, release date etc. will be announced as soon as it is decided.

"Saga no yaba grandma" is a novel that Yozo Shimada drew his own boys' age, a poorly laughing and warm story under the grandmother of Saga who was deposited at the age of 8. In addition to becoming a best seller of more than 6.7 million copies, the original novel recorded 600 million yen in box office income in 2006, and in January 2007 it was dramaized by Fuji Television and it was the top as a New Year drama program We recorded the audience rating.

(PDF file) Notice of entering into a joint venture agreement "Yagami Shimada's Saga no yaba grandma"

Apart from the movie of 2006, Yosado Shimada served as screenwriter / director, "Yagami Shimada's Saga's Baba grandma" will be released in early 2009, so that the power of the original author's life It seems that we aim to a work to tell without loss.

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