Adolf Hitler had only one circle

General commander led by Nazi Germany during the Second World WarAdolf HitlerIt seems that there was only one circle that should have two originally. There are words that seem to embrace the complex with respect to the word that Hitler left with only one circle, and you can see that Hitler who had a strong image of dictators had surprising aspect.

Let's see why Hitler had only one circle like this.

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Nazi leader Hitler really did have only one ball - Telegraph

Hitler was held from 1916 during the First World WarBattle of SommeHe seems to have undergone a major injury in the vicinity of his groin in the battlefield. Up to this point it is a commonly well-known story, but it is not well known that Hitler's circle was removed at this time.

At the time, Johan Jambor, a war doctor who treated Hitler, said he had left a document on the contents of the conversation at the time in the 1960s. The material that Mr. Johan wrote in a glimpse of the situation was never published before his life, he said that he was made public 23 years after Mr. Johan's death.

Johan's friend Blassius Hanczuch testified that "Johan regretted saving Hitler's life in the battle of Somme." According to Mr. Blassius, Hitler seemed to be among a large number of soldiers injured in the battle of Somme, Hitler was bloody from the abdomen to the lower body, and he was shouting loudly saying, "Please help me! about. Mr. Johan seems to call Hitler a "Screamer" from the shouting scene.

Although I cut out a circle from the treatment, I heard that Hitler first asked Johan after the removal that the question was "anxious" that I could create a child? . Although the image of the dictator is strong Hitler, I can imagine that there was also an unexpected aspect that embraces the complex against only one such circle and then feels uneasy about it.

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