Eco-friendly paper bottle than PET bottle

Fleece of PET bottle materialBecause they are also sold, do not you think that PET bottles are environmentally friendly as they are recycled? In the United States, as many as 60 million PET bottles are consumed a day, only 14% of them are recycled in the present situation.

So, a paper bottle appeared as an eco friendly package to replace PET bottles.

Details are as The # 1 Package Design Website, World's Best Packaging: 360 Paper Bottle

"360 Paper Bottle" from concept to branding, prototype, design allBrandimageIt is what the company did, and in 2008IDEA (International Design Excellence Award)We have received the award.

In this way you can also open the lid and drink it.

6 packs. Convenient to carry.

24 cases case. Does it circulate like this?

Paper bottles (unlike PET bottles made from raw materials that are exhausted such as petroleum) are eco friendly friendly because they are made from 100% renewable raw materials and that they can be recycled 100% after use as food packaging materials It is safe, it seems that it can be used for liquids other than water.

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