The second trailer of the "Terminator 4" movie released, a huge terminator full of battle scenes appeared

Previous workIt seems that it is being made that there was not "Terminator 3"Although it is "Terminator 4" (Terminator Salvation) which is talking about a topic in a different meaning, it seems that the 2nd trailer movie published on Apple's site is going to be amazing. Types of terminators that I have never seen have appeared one after another, and it's amazing content full of the transcendent action scenes. You can also see the ultra huge terminator that goes beyond the huge terminator that came out with the first trailer.

As a setting, the future that should have been avoided by the 1st and 2nd terminator is coming again, but the future itself is different from what was already predicted (the future the mother of the protagonist said) It seems that he is drawing a later world of so-called "judgment day (day of referee)". It is surprisingly more than expected and has become a series of deep powerful images considerably.

Playback is from the following.
Apple - Movie Trailers - Terminator Salvation - Trailer 2

In the United States it is released on May 22, 2009, in Japan it will pre-screen on June 6 (Sat) and June 7 (Sun) 2009, and from June 13 (Sat) will be the national road show It is.

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