Student dormitory where rock climbing is possible

It seems that the outer wall of the student dormitory at Twente University in the city of Enschede in the Netherlands is a practice area for rock climbing. The student dormitory is nine storeys in height and about 30 meters high, and it is said that full-scale exercise is possible. I think that only one student dormitory can do rock climbing and there seems to be another similar dormitory, so the university itself seems to recommend rock climbing

Let's see what type of dorm is.

Pictures are as follows.
CONTEMPORIST New Student Housing at the University of Twente

I think that it is an unusual form of student dormitory with a slight inclination ...

As you can see from the side you can practice rock climbing. It seems that it was to raise the difficulty level.

There is a person who is upright.

There is a place to catch the part of the fence.

How many people are actually practicing?

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