Negative agreement to transfer business to Yamada Electric Co., Ltd.

Last OctoberApplied for civil rehabilitation law and acceptedafter,Foreclosure of product inventory by NEC LeaseAlthough it was Kujiku Electric Co., Ltd. which received such as, it became clear that we transfer the business to Yamada Denki.

When resuming businessThe order was flooded by the userAlthough it is Kujiku Electric, it did not seem to have reached voluntary management reconstruction.

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)Notice of signing of basic agreement concerning the transfer of business by Kuju-eki Co., Ltd.

According to this release, Yamada Denki agreed to conclude a contract to acquire a business from Kujiku Electric Co. on January 31st.

The business to be transferred is the planning and development / sales business of Kujiku Electric's PC and peripheral related equipment, and it is said that it will be transferred to a subsidiary of Yamada Denki. In addition, we assume that the acquisition of business itself is scheduled for early March.

Yamada Denki says that it is expected that synergy effects such as expansion of product lineup in personal computer related fields, strengthening of sales force, strengthening of Internet sales division and corporate sales division are expected to be obtained, but what about existing stores etc. Is it? It is also a concern about after-sales support to users.

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