E-Mobile announces "Athletic course mobile phone fixed plan" 24 hours conference call charge at basic charge of 780 yen

We announced a plan "Athletic Course Mobile Phone Plan" that realizes a fixed 24 hours calling fee with 780 yen basic usage fee which e-Mobile will be the lowest in Japan.

It is a ridiculous plan that SOFTBANK MOBILE 's monthly charge of 980 yen and 1:00 to 21:00 will be free from calling "White Plan", but this is an unexpected plan, but will this increase sooner? Also, it seems that a very profitable campaign is also implemented.

Details are as follows.
NEWS | Introducing 'Awkward Course Mobile Fixed Plan' free of 24 hours calling between e · mobile at basic charge of 780 yen | eMobile

According to this release, eMobile will start "Athletic Course Mobile Flat Plan" from Saturday, February 7, 2009.

This is to make 24 hours call and SMS free with basic charge of 780 yen on condition of regular contract of "Nen" or "Basic Year".

Also, for fixed phones, other companies' mobile phones, and PHS, the calling fee is 21 yen per 30 seconds (37.8 yen per 30 seconds at the time of videophone calls), but by subscribing to the call discount option of 315 yen per month, , It is said to be 5.25 yen for 30 seconds, 9.45 yen for 30 seconds for mobile phones and PHS, and 18.9 yen for videophone calls.

"Athletic course mobile phone fixed plan" is like this. If you do not make regular subscription, the basic usage fee will be 1,780 yen.

For users who use data communication, "data fixed option" is provided, and data communication can be used at 1000 yen to 4,980 yen per month.

Incidentally, from February 7 (Sat) to April 30 (Thu), the "TRY! EMOBILE Campaign" was implemented, and up to 3 months for newly contracted users, up to 5000 yen In addition to being discounted, contract work fee of 2835 yen is said to be free, too.

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