All models au mobile phone announced today All models of Spring 2009 model - Part 2

I delivered it a while ago.PrequelSubsequently,The 2009 spring model of au mobile phones announced this timeIncluding color variations, with a lot of images.

The second part is "CA001" equipped with au touch panel compatible full wide liquid crystal, a high sensitivity camera mobile "SH001" equipped with a high-definition 8 million pixel camera with maximum ISO 2500, a walkman phone with full wide VGA liquid crystal "Walkman Phone, Premier 3 "and so on.

Details are as follows.
CA001(Manufactured by Casio)
Au First touch panel compatible 3.1 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal and face detection A model equipped with a 5 megapixel camera which also supports autofocus and camera shake correction. It is possible to enjoy One Seg and camera functions etc. by touch operation in view style which rotated display. Motion sensor mounted.

· Walkman Phone, Premier 3(Made by Sony Ericsson)
Walkman mobile with approximately 3.0 inch full wide VGA (480 × 854) LCD and 3.19 megapixel autofocus compatible camera.

· SH001(Made by Sharp)
High sensitivity camera keitai with 3.0 inch full wide VGA and high resolution 8 million pixel camera with maximum ISO 2500.
An image processing engine "ProPix" that enables shooting with vivid colors while suppressing noise. Also equipped with a function that greatly improves speech quality such as "noise canceller" "slow talk" "voice clear".

· P001(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Approximately 3.1 inches full high-VGA high color reproducibility liquid crystal and 3.24 million pixel camera are installed. A slim one-segment mobile phone with a thinness of 13.3 mm that adopted the beautiful "QUAD FACE DESIGN" with 4 panel.

· Reliable Junior Mobile Phone K001(Made by Kyocera)
Mobile for children with 2.8-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and autofocus compatible 1.97 million pixel camera. In addition to adopting "security buzzer", "security light", "battery lid lock", etc., in addition to functions such as "Okamai Book" "Timetable", Japanese dictionary and English-Japanese dictionary and Japanese-English dictionary are also installed.

The special site of the new model which appeared this time is as follows.


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