SoftBank Mobile, to implement band limitation for packet flat rate service users

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. today announced that it will implement bandwidth limiting for users of packet flat - rate services.

It is said that packet communication speed of some users will be affected by this.

Details are as below.
About test introduction of communication quality ensuring measures | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE secures communication quality and fairness of network use for users subscribing to packet flat-rate services from 1st June (Monday) to 31st October (Saturday) In order to do so, we are going to conduct a test to control the communication speed.

This is to limit the communication speed to some users who use a large amount of communication in a certain period, and it is said that communication is not disconnected. In addition, we do not disconnect communication, verify the effect on users and the effect of countermeasures, we are planning to officially start band limiting on November 2009.

As NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and EMOBILE are implementing the same measures, it seems that this will result in four mobile phones implementing bandwidth limitation.

Incidentally, SOFTBANK MOBILE has launched "Contents Acquisition Pack" with unlimited use of 315 yen / month total content equivalent to total content of 5000 yen for mobile phone content "S - 1 Battle" to seriously win with images of laughter, Although we have only actively developed measures to promote subscription to flat-rate service, introduction of bandwidth limitation is "I would like you to use up to the upper limit of the packet flat rate plan, but it is troubled if it is used too muchIs that what you mean?

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