A man who was training an unused shell instead of a dumbbell

It seems there are some men who used shells that have not been used yet as dumbbells. It is a miraculous thing that unused shells are in the house itself, but it has not been possible to explode by using it as a dumbbell.

Details are from the following.
Ananova - Man uses live mortars as dumbells

According to this article, ChineseChongqingXie Long (84 years old), a former army officer who lives in Hawaii, is a simple structure gunmortarIt seems that he was using training as a dumbbell for 30 years. She said that she returned home with a colleague saying "Since the fuse is okay so it is okay", but in fact it was said that the fuse was not removed and it was in a state that it was not amazing when the explosion occurred. It seems that not only Xie but also children of Xie had been training with this mortar bullet.

One day, when Xie 's friend, who had been a bomb specialist in the local police before, visited Xie' s house, he discovered the mortar 's bullets left untouched with a fuse. I heard that the police were informed immediately and the fuse was pulled out by an expert. Mr. Xie said that "Nothing so far was a miracle," he said.

The extracted fuse will be kept in the country, and it seems that it will be exhibited at the military museum in the future.

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