A proprietor saying "I will post an article on Wikipedia at 28,000 yen" appears, a big problem that shakes the trust of Wikipedia

According to several tales coming to GIGAZINE, it seems that there is a problem that a trader who contracts advertisement creates pages with 28,000 yen in the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia".

Wikipedia is a system that anyone can edit, but making pages for promotional purposes is forbidden, and making pages with consideration is prohibited acts as well. This contractor "Advertisement"We are offering a service called" Create a Wikipedia page that I could not make easily by 28,000 yen "and declare rules from the front to create pages of multiple companies, and within the Wikipedia A hot debate is spreading.

For details on what is the problem, please see below.
■ What is "Advertising Kun"?

Wikipedia's article creation agency is conducting agency planning, Inc. located in Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. This place is around here.

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Company's Company ProfileLooking at, the establishment is in April 2004 (2004), the business content is "Internet advertising agency business".

What is becoming a big problem this time is that the "AdvertisementPlan. The content of the plan is "Create a page of the company you requested on WikipediaThe price is 28,000 yen. Running cost for editing etc. is unnecessary, and when creating multiple pages, it is executed at 10,000 yen every time one page is added.

Application formThenIn Wikipedia there are administrators who manage posts, and contents of contents may be deleted."In the case of immediate deletion (deletion within 1 week), we promise 50% refund of the contract amount.Even if it is deleted immediately, the substitution plan has become able to obtain 14,000 yen. It seems that you will not be refunded if it has been deleted after more than one week.

Frequently Asked QuestionsThen, "Because of the nature of Wikipedia, there are times when there are writes of content that you apologized from a third party on your company's page, please feel secure since advertising kun will be fixed for free at that time." , Probably "apologized" is an erroneous conversion of "wrong"), indeed, "Since Advertising Kun saves your company's page content sentence, even if the content is rewritten it can respond quickly."Immediate correction is possible. However, it is pointed out that this is an unprofitable act in WikipediaEdit battleIt is very likely to lead to.

Also, as for the question "I would like to keep it secret as a proxy if possible, but I would like to keep it secretly, but I will protect confidentiality obligations with your style of course, of course, depending on your circumstances" It is done.

■ Reaction of Wikipedia users

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In fact, a page named "Contributed Public Articles" was created by Wikipedien (Wikipedia's enthusiastic users) who got angry at such advertising acts, and any company paid money and created pages It is exposed in the list.

Wikipedia: Comment request / Contract propaganda article - Wikipedia

The activity of "Advertising Kun" was first reported in Wikipedia on Wednesday, November 5, 2009 (Wednesday). It was the beginning that the Wikipedian who corrected an article scrutinized the article submission source IP and noticed that the advertisement act was done. However, it was only this timing that I noticed, in fact it seems that posting of advertisement articles began around August.

Wikipedia: Delete request / Yamaichiya - Wikipedia

In response to the above report, information was shared among the Wikipedians as "Advertising Advertising Company selling" Wikipedia page creation agency ", and this problem was acknowledged.

Wikipedia: Well end - Wikipedia

From the furious Wikipedians

I think that it is best to contact the Wikimedia Foundation (such as sending legal warning documents from the United States).

Apart from this as an act of creating an article with considerationWikipedia: Daum Global EncyclopediaWhenWikipedia: Seoul City knowledge sharing projectThere was a project saying that prizes will be given by lottery if we upload articles to Korean version Wikipedia. However, there was something that was up without Wikify, so it was hard to fix it. Wikipedia: Seoul City Knowledge Sharing Project has also been posted on public information gathering and it has also been a challenge to request deletion requests. For proposing participating organizations, I proposed prohibiting the author of the prize and prohibiting public relations.

The problem is "to aim for promotion (Wikipedia: What is not Wikipedia___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0Wikipedia: Three-revert ruleviolationmeritReference) "around? It is intense.

After all it will be advertising purpose = money purpose. If money is the purpose, "dialogue" or "collaborative work" that the Wikipedia community values ​​are inevitable. I can only communicate with the other party seeking a batch.

If these are synthesized, Wikipedia loses trust and Matomo readers will not visit. It becomes a nest of a propaganda trader and it makes it slum. The depression has just begun, the invasion of the merchant has just begun. If the recognition that Wikipedia is not sweet spreads, traders will go elsewhere. I think that it is "now" that shows a severe attitude. You should not spare little effort of deletion.

In particular, the propaganda phrase "Advertising Kun saves your company's page content, so you can respond immediately even if the content is rewritten" will expand the act that clearly violated the editing rules of Wikipedia I feel the possibility.

It is very unusual that the case of Google's scoring system on this occasion showed that the title of Wikipedia could be subject to commercial transactions by advertisers.

There are indications like that.

The "delegation plan" itself was also created in Wikipedia, but a request for deletion has already been issued.

Wikipedia: Delete Request / Alternative Planning - Wikipedia

A conclusion


As a conclusion, overseas headquarters Wikipedia recognizes such behavior as a nuisance / spam action,Countermeasure projectHas been inaugurated.

Well end of WikipediaAlthough it is written, although a certain opinion has already appeared in the headquarter Wikipedia, the Wikipedia founder himself has blocked companies that did the same thing as this delegation plan, and a negative opinion on posting for payment I am talking.

We will inform you about "act of creating articles with consideration". Once in English versionMyWikiBizThere seems to be something that companies doing something like Jimmy Wales blocked directly. Also, Jimmy WalesEn: Wikipedia: Requests for comment / Paid editingI have stated a negative opinion on contributions made at a fee. Although not in Japanese version, enwp guidelinesEn: Wikipedia: Conflict of interestIt is said that earning profits on posts should not be strongly avoided as it will impair neutrality.

As stated by Wikipedia founder and Wikipedians, such acts of merchants are not acceptable. Even one user who does not normally edit it will not be the same as one of the users who make up Wikipedia, so if you find a promotional article, you can positively modify it to provide a better dictionary Do not forget to use it.

By the way, how many agents are not yet active in activities other than this ...?

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