WILLCOM officially announces the release date and price plan of "HYBRID W - ZERO 3", considerably dared to set the price

By supporting the world's first 3G (HSUPA) and PHS communication method with maximum downlink 7.2 Mbps and uplink maximum 5.7 Mbps, high-speed communication became possible, GPS, motion sensor, 5 million pixel camera etc. WILLCOM's new high-end smartphone equipped "HYBRID W - ZERO 3'S release date and price plan were officially announced today.

HYBRID W - ZERO 3 "HYBRID W - ZERO 3" has become a very interesting terminal, such as high - speed communication using a wireless LAN equipped PC and iPod touch etc, Although it is quite a drastic setting of the fee setting.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | Starting "HYBRID W - ZERO 3" from January 28, 2010 (Thu) on exclusive new charge course "New WILLCOM flat rate plan G" ~ "HYBRID W - ZERO 3" available for 1,450 yen ~

According to the announcement of WILLCOM, it is said that the latest smart phone "Windows HERBRID W - ZERO 3" adopting Windows Mobile 6.5 will be released on January 28, 2010. The main unit price is 68,840 yen for both new contract and model change by using long-term discount plan "W-VALUE SELECT". Because the 1430 yen discount is made from the basic monthly charge, the real burden amount when using for 24 months will be 30,420 yen.

Although it is an interesting fee, the "WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan" in which WILLCOM's 24-hour voice call is free is 1450 yen, 3G data communication with a maximum of 7.2 Mbps in downlink and a maximum of 5.7 Mbps in uploading is 0 to 5250 yen (1 "WILLCOM flat-rate plan G" will be provided which will be 0.105 yen per packet). The provider connection fee is 0 yen.

In other words, the total amount when using packet communication in full is 6700 yen, simply "WILLCOM flat rate plan"When"WILLCOM CORE 3GIt will be cheaper by 3130 yen than 9830 yen which is the maximum fee summed up.

"WILLCOM CORE 3G" is a service using NTT DoCoMo's FOMA network realizing 100% population coverage in addition to high-speed services, and also connects NTT DoCoMo's voice terminal to a PC for flat-rate communications If you do,Up to a maximum of 13,650 yen monthly by packet charges alone, The newly introduced "new WILLCOM flat-rate plan G" seems quite reasonable.

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