Realistic miniature photography that illusions that it is a life-size landscape

Landscape photograph taken of buildings and car miniatures up. Being taken outdoors has become a natural light hit way, and miniatures themselves are real as well, so it looks like a life-size landscape.

Details are as below.
A number of real cars that are exposed to sunlight.

Shooting outdoors, background plants and skies are genuine. The building seems to be made on 1/24 scale.

A wide sky directs miniature realism.

There are photos of snow scenes.

It's like adding a person's face with synthetic photos, but the size is not wrong.

An easy-to-understand picture of the scale shown with the finger.

Looking at it is like this.

The interior of the building is also built in.

Inside the cafeteria. The coffee pot is devised such as making it with beads.

These were made by Michael Paul Smith and other miniature photos can be seen from the following links.
Flickr: Michael Paul Smith's Photostream

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