A gigantic mosquito made of junk nestling in the snow feeling as a majestic feeling

It is a picture of a huge mosquito made of junk that stands nestled in the snow scene.

It seems to be very conspicuous because there is nothing stand out in the other, so if you see this huge mosquito when you light the light at night you might be surprised to think that the alien was attacked.

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svintuss: Ноябрьск

This is a huge mosquito made from junk.

The rust that exists in various places exudes junkiness.


Does the visible light shine?

It is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region of RussiaNoay BriskIt seems that it was pretty conspicuous because there was a pounding in the place where there was nothing. People who took a picture say "I want you to see it whenever you come to Noayaburiscu" is praised.

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