Existing users also charge a second monthly fee, WILLCOM expands "another free campaign"

From January 21, WILLCOM will get a second monthly fee free of charge when making a new contract "One more free campaignAlthough we are carrying out, it became clear that the target will be expanded to existing users as well.

Although there are many campaigns that give preferential treatment only to new contracts, users already contracting WILLCOM can use another WILLCOM line for free, and also between WILLCOM Besides being able to enjoy free calls between users, e-mails to other companies are free for both the first and second users.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | Expand the scope of application of 'another free campaign' to customers already contracted in addition to newly contracted customers

According to the press release of WILLCOM, the company is subject to "another free campaign" for individual users for a limited period of time from Friday, January 21, 2011 to Tuesday, May 31, 2011 It will be expanded to users already contracted from today.

"Another one free campaign" is a new line when you newly sign up the first line with "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S" + "Fixed even with anyone", the second line with "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S" The contract office fee and the monthly fee of "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan S" will be free.

And for users who are now subscribed to WILLCOM, "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan S" + "Everybody Fixed Amount" is newly subscribed to "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan S" 1 line Monthly fee and new contract office fee will be free.

In addition, we can not apply for "fixed price with anyone" with W - SIM compatible models such as "HYBRID W - ZERO 3", but only for users who signed up until November 30, 2010, on February 28, 2011 You can apply for "Fixed price with anyone" until.

Details of "another free campaign" are from the following.

WILLCOM | One more free campaign

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