Albino animals with a pure white mysterious atmosphere

Melanin pigment is inherently missing and it has a pure white body "albino". Albino animals are rare as a result of skin damage caused by sunlight and the incidence of skin cancer is high, which is easy to be discovered from foreign enemies, but it is therefore sacred.

Daily Picdump - Albino Animals (20 pics)

A male deer with a branched corner.

It is a zebra with a beautiful striped pattern.

Gorilla in Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

Itami familyIs it an animal?

It is a fond of Albino.

This is Kangaroo of Albino. The image looked pretty different from normal kangaroo.

It is a giraffe albino.

Beautiful covered lion yawning.

It is a dog's albino.

This is Albino of the hedgehog.

One turtle is white and conspicuous.

Also Turtle Albino. The shell is pure white.

Albino penguins.

Only the tail fin is visible, but it is an albino of a whale.

The dolphin's Albino is on the left.

Albino of frog also exists.

The last is a lizard albino.

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