Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to integrate businesses into the world's largest comprehensive infrastructure company

Mobile phone business of Fujitsu and ToshibaAs the major manufacturers conduct business integration in the electronics field, they are engaged in infrastructure projectsHitachiWhenMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.It was revealed that the two companies will integrate business.

Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Business Integration Agreement NHK News

Hitachi · MHI aims to integrate new company in 13 years, targeting world orders: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

According to NHK and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news agency, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agreed to consider the integration of the main business such as energy, the environment, social infrastructure etc. where the market is expected to expand rapidly worldwide That's right.

This is to aim to establish a new company that will handle these businesses in April 2013, and if realized it will be a world that covers from nuclear power generation plants to railway systems, industrial machinery, IT It is expected that the largest comprehensive infrastructure company will be born, with the aim of expanding orders for social infrastructure projects mainly in emerging countries.

In addition, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are planning to invest 50% of the new company, and in addition to being partnered with the railway business already expected to be popularized in emerging countries etc., three companies, including Mitsubishi Electric, We are aggressively strengthening relationships, including aiming for integration, and in the future it seems that there is a possibility of developing into full-fledged business integration.

By the way, Hitachi annual sales of the group as a whole in the fiscal year ended March 31 this year is over 9.3 trillion yen, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' annual sales of the whole group for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007 will be over 2.9 trillion yen, By simple calculation, the sales of both companies will exceed 12 trillion yen.

August 4, 2011 10:06 Addendum
In response to a series of reports by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,This is not based on our announcement. Also, there is no fact that we have decided about the reported coverage and we have no plans to agree."We posted a statement on the site to dispute.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries | About part of today's press

August 4, 2011 10:28 Addendum
When I contacted Hitachi Public Relations via telephone, "I plan to announce the announcement to deny from our company on the official website" (about news about a series of integration) ".

By the way, when Fujitsu and Toshiba reported in June last year that "merge mobile phone business"Both companies had announced a denying commentNevertheless, considering that we eventually integrated the cellular phone business, we are looking at the situation for a while as well and it seems not to be seen.

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