A world of staggering quality staged by a 20 year old young man with a pencil and sketchbook

Three-dimensional painting by Mr. Fredo, a weakly 20-year-old Chilean painter, is calling up a topic. Although Mr. Fredo's picture was drawn in a sketchbook with a pencil, it has a tremendously precise and unique world view and it seems that the viewer will draw the viewer into the world of painting rather than popping out It has a strange charm.

The incredible 3D images that pop off the page ... created with just a pencil and paper | Mail Online

Mr. Fredo's three-dimensional painting. Not only can you see the picture jump out three-dimensionally, but a unique atmosphere that seems to have a different world on the other side of the sketchbook is attractive.

A stereo picture of a butterfly that Mr. Fredo drew for the first time. I was sketching butterflies while lying down, and when I noticed the picture was sticking out of the sketchbook page. It seems that Mr. Fredo has developed its unique technique.

An elephant that seems to break through a sketchbook.

Men and their arms drawn across the pages of the sketchbook. Mr. Fredo's painting is designed not only to draw a three-dimensional picture on the plane but also superimposing it on a three-dimensional object and position, it is intended to produce an effect that demonstrates deeper appeal.

A picture that looks like a doll is drawn out of a box.

This is also structured so that the male's head can be seen at the same position as the height of the wine glass by using the sketchbook in three dimensions.

By publishing these pictures on his own blog, Mr. Fredo evoked a hot topic all over the world. Currently, Mr. Fredo is planning a street art in Santiago with the help of fans.

Three-dimensional painting that I want to see my sleeves unintentionally to fit the picture.

It seems that the arms of the portrait jump out of the picture and are holding the elbow. This is also the effect created by using sketchbooks in three dimensions.

In the movie below, you can see how Mr. Fredo draws these paintings.

Proceso Anamorfosis "Hole in the papearth" - YouTube

In addition, Mr. Fredo's blog posted various works in addition to this.

De tu curiosidad .. .. He Aquí el reflejo

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