Eyes of animals such as snakes and rabbits secretly beautiful like jewels

It is a picture of a close up of eyes of animals such as horses, rabbits, snakes and crocodiles. These are attributed to photographer Suren Manvelyan, which at first glance has a beauty as if they misunderstand that it is a kind of jewelry rather than part of a creature.

Suren Manvelyan photography

The eyes of a horse that seems to be an illusion that the center is blue and looking at the topography with Google Earth.

The indian python snake in which long black eyes are impressive is just like an oil painting.

This is congenitally melanin-deficientalbinoPython snake. The appearance that the color of the eyes is obviously different even in the same race.

The eyelashes of the Nile crocodile have a mixed color of yellow and black finely, and it is a beautiful sphere.

It is iguana that has black eyes that are so black that they are about to be sucked.

This time it is hyena. I get a wild impression from the color of soil eyes.

There is somewhat an abstract painting atmosphere too, Ciman 's eyes of Cayman (Latin American crocodile). It seems that terror and beauty live together.

This time is a black rabbit. Eyelashes are growing, because the shapes resemble human eyes, I feel quite like "eyes" unlike the others.

It seems to be looking down on the crater, Siberian · Husky's eyes.

It is Siberian Husky as well, but the impression changes as this is overall pale.

There was no harm to the animals in shooting.

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