'A Certain Scientific Railgun' Appears on CloudFlare Official Site

While serving as a little CDN, you can avoid unauthorized access such as DoS attacks, speed up the site display by wide area load balancing that can be used from 0 yen, and provide a service that does not cause the server to drop even if the number of sudden access increases The Japanese translation of the official website of '

CloudFlare ' is strange. (Currently fixed)

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First, the following is an explanation page about the original English site, a service named 'Railgun' (a daemon installed on Linux and BSD). Even the most popular sites can achieve 99.6% compression, and the average 730% increase in performance makes it an enterprise service.

Railgun | CloudFlare | The web performance & security company

When this became a Japanese version site, strange machine translation was done, 'A certain scientific super electromagnetic gun origin network optimizer' 'I will install a super electromagnetic gun' 'A certain scientific super electromagnetic gun I have It can be used for other customers,” and the contents gradually come as I read it.

A Certain Scientific Railgun | CloudFlare | Web Performance & Security Company

The reason why this kind of strange thing is is that we use the result of Google translation as it is. If you put the original text of the English site into Google Translate and translate it to Japanese, the sentence will be similar.

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