Movie 'I Declare War' where children play war with genuine weapons Trailer movie

A war game playing in the forest during the summer vacation. With jealousy and betrayal over there, it develops to a "killing" that has made me stinky ... ... that the cast is a movie with children only "I Declare WarThe high-quality trailer of "Has been released. The movieListing at the Toronto International Film FestivalHas been decided.


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I DECLARE WAR Trailer | TIFF Festival 2012 - YouTube

Boy PK reconnaissance with binoculars. A commander leading one of the team, is a wise, cruel, excellent tactician. movies"Patton Taisen Car Corps"I love.

At the base camp of the PK team's strategy conference. There is also a rule for warfare like making guns using twigs, "bases on base camping are prohibited", "restoration is prohibited until counting ten steam boats when shot", "grenades died when you got grenades" It is decided.

"When all the enemies come and shoot, kill them all," PK

"I understand, I will do it properly" that Wesley

Find enemies and shoot violently.

What is wearing sunglasses is Skinner, a co-owner of the team that opposes PK. I am obsessed with defeating the PK, taking over the team by eliminating the army commander Quinn.

PK's best friend Kwon is caught on the Skinner side and becomes a prisoner of war.

Skinner adds torture to Kwon to hear PK information

PK starts to rescue Kwon ... ...

A girl named Jess who appeared in such a fight

Jess encounters Sikorsky and Frost of Skinner Team and Sikorsky is interested in Jess. However, Jess was concerned about one of the boys participating in the war crisis and was aiming to win the war crisis alone by himself to attract interest.

Jealousy, treachery and other feelings were confused Where is the place of the war crisis ...?

Steve Gravestock, who was in charge of the program at TIFF, reminded me of Peter Brook 's "The King of Flies" (1962 work) and Director Lindsay Anderson's "If if ..." this movie the youngster is fighting against war It is said to be things. The samaritan entertainment which produced the movie comments that it is a "boys adventure movie" in which real children appeared.

The timing of releasing the movie and the release country are undecided.

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