“PEARL (Smalling Position Detection Device for Firearms)” that detects the shock wave and informs the position of the sniper actual photo review

If you are shot in ambush, you are lucky enough to be able to escape from being hit and quickly become a beehive if you do not counterattack and quickly locate your opponent. However, since enemy snipers often shoot from the shadows, it is not easy to rely on the naked eye to locate them. Therefore, the PEARL = Personal Equipment Add-on for Reactive Localization (PEARL) was developed to overcome this situation.

Inside the Rikei booth of the “ Special Equipment for Counter-terrorism Exhibition (SEECAT'12)” where the actual machine of “PEARL” developed by AcoemM is being exhibited.

The stationary model is equipped with four microphones, and detects shock waves generated when bullets are fired from handguns, rifles, and RPGs. It seems that the position of the archer can be specified within 10 degrees up, down, left, and right with a probability of about 95% regardless of the presence or absence of silencers and the surrounding noise conditions.

The internal microphone looks like this.

Use with a cover.

As shown in the photo below, it can be mounted on a vehicle to protect the formation, or attached to a tripod to protect the base or building.

The microphone is heavy enough to hold with one hand.

The position of the sniper can be identified and displayed on the screen of the dedicated terminal within 1 second after the bullet is fired.

The part that calculates to identify the position from the sound is like this.

The following models have miniaturized microphones with similar functions that can be mounted on

Picatinny rails .

If it is in this position, when you aim it, it will block the field of view and become jammed, so it can be attached to the side of the rifle etc.

It looks like this from the front.

Up of the microphone part.

The built-in battery can be driven for about 12 hours. If you are fired during operation, the position of the enemy is automatically detected, so you can find the enemy by pointing the gun in the direction of the arrow that glows orange. In the following pictures, “↑” and “→” are displayed, so it is OK if you point the muzzle to the upper right.

The center light glows green when the gun is pointed at the enemy sniper. In fact, it is assumed that it will be used in situations where bullets are being shot one after another under ambush attacks, so instead of aiming finely, you can quickly identify the opponent's position and hit back as soon as possible It seems that it was made like this to make it.

How do you aim at the enemy immediately after being shot? You can see the movie that understands well below.

Anti-sniper 'PEARL' (Small weapon shooting position detection device) actual machine operation movie-YouTube

In addition, please check the demo movie that explains what kind of situation is actually assumed in the following.

ACOEM Metravib gunshot detection and / or hostile fire indication family of products-YouTube

This product is intended for the Self-Defense Forces and the police, and is not sold to the general public.

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