High-quality image search site "Pixabay" that can be used completely free of commercial or non-commercial use

When you are doing a design job or making free papers and posters, photos and illustrations that you can use freely and free of charge are useful. Works can be freely used under certain conditionsCC licenseThe image is also useful, but there are restrictions such as commercial use, credit writing, linking availability and so on and it is also hard to use. In such a case it is convenient that the intellectual property rights do not belong to anyonePublic domainYou can search and view images of "Pixabay"You can use images freely without worrying about details like CC license.

Pixabay - Public domain image

Put a word in the text box and press the search button ......

Pictures and illustrations line up like this in a staggering fashion. Images can be displayed in order of popularity, besides new arrival order.

Clicking on the image you care about ......

I jump to the details page.

The "PUBLIC DOMAIN" license is displayed along with the date and time taken and the type of camera used and you can see that it can be used without restriction, whether commercial or non-commercial, as long as it does not infringe ownership. In addition, there are cases where the work enters the public domain, such as when the protection period has elapsed, the rights holder abandoned the right, and it seems that many of the latter pictures are registered in Pixabay.

The file format and image size vary depending on each image. This picture can download 2 JPG images of 640 × 514 and 4102 × 3300.

Also, instead of searching from words, you can choose from images selected by Pixabay's editor ......

It is also possible to display images with many votes.

You can also see the photos by camera used.

Furthermore, it is also possible to browse by photographer.

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