"Click-e-Bricks" which makes a self-repairable robot move like a Lego like a creatures and moves like a sea urchin

When I say the robot, it is made of steel and it is hard to move, but the research team led by Harvard University's George Whitesides is workingSoft robotResearch to develop. alreadySoft robot handAnd to save lives in dangerous areasrobotVarious things have been created, such as Whitesides's research team developed this timeLegoIt is a flexible block that can be assembled like the one shown in Fig.

Squidgy 'click-e-bricks' will let robots fix themselves - tech - 07 August 2014 - New Scientist

Using "Click-e-Bricks" to Make 3D Elastomeric Structures - Morin - 2014 - Advanced Materials - Wiley Online Library

You can check how the block moves flexibly from the following movie.

Lego-like bricks could build bendy robots - YouTube

Blocks that emit blue light seem to be a seemingly common type of toy ... ...

I suddenly got swollen.

Also this block ...

It approaches the sphere.

However, like a balloon it quickly shrunk with Shun.

A block that was stacked a little longer.

I will turn right like a living thing.

Now turn left. It seems as if he is dancing.

The block was output with a 3D printer using a soft plastic material. This block called "Click-e-Bricks" has unevenness on the surface similar to the LEGO block, it seems to have cut into a suitable size with a razor after outputting a block of large size. Because it is very flexible, smooth arch which can not be created with regular blocksMobius stripIt is possible to create "bending" which was difficult until now in the robot development, and it will be possible to roll the floor by transforming it into a round shape in the future.

In the experiment also an attempt was made to pass liquid through the block. Connect multiple blocks ... ...

Pass a pink liquid.

Once disassembled.

Reverse the block and turn the blue liquid this time.

I reconnect again.

The liquid will flow properly from any direction.

It was also possible to incorporate not only liquids and gases but also reconfigurable LED circuits inside.

In addition, the research team aims to eventually make it possible for the robot to exchange blocks and perform self-repair.

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