History of how to evolve / use headphones over 120 years from 1890 to the present age

The history of headphones that can enjoy music anytime and anywhere is old, its origins can be traced back to the 1890s. "The Evolution of the Headphone", It is now possible to easily see the history of such headphones along with the era background and songs of the time.

The Evolution of the Headphone - liGo

In the site, the history of headphones is divided into 7 segments, "1890s", "1920s", "1930s", "1950s", "1980s", "2000s" and "2010s". Although detailed mechanism mechanism etc does not appear much, the state of the era and the background etc are told. By clicking the arrow at the center of the page you can trace history in turn. A representative song for each era has been selected, it is displayed in the upper left of the screen, and you can listen to songs as well.

◆ 1890s
It was also called "Waltz King" that was chosen as the song that represents the 1890sJohann Strauss IIbyBeautifully blue danube.

As of the year 1890 when even radio broadcasting was not started, music always enjoyed live music. Naturally electricity is not used for all instruments, too, it is not too much to say that it is the only way to listen to orchestral performances at the concert hall.

It was changed in such circumstances in the UK from around 1890 to around the 1920'sElectrophoneIt was a type of cable broadcasting called Electrophone. Electrophones of a mechanism that delivers music to homes using the telephone line which was spreading at the time made it possible to enjoy music for the first time at home.

And at this time it was the first receiver to be used as a prototype of headphones. Audio picked up by a microphone installed in a concert hall, a theater, a church, etc. arrived at the home by riding a telephone line and listened through the receiver, but at the price of 5 pounds per year 3000 pounds: about 520,000 yen), it seems that it could not be said that it was very popular.

From the appearance of enjoying the equipment, it feels pretty celebrity feeling.

Eventually the electrophones will disappear due to the spread of radio broadcasting, but in the UK for a long time I can feel the remnant where I called the radio "wireless".

◆ 1920s
The songs of the 1920s were based on Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong, then 30'sSaint Louis Blues.

It was an electrician in Utah, USANathaniel BaldwinHe was dissatisfied with not being able to properly hear the voice of the sermons held at the Mormon chapel which he ordinarily went through. Mr. Baldwin devised two receivers attached to the headband at home. This became the prototype of modern headphones.

Mr. Baldwin's headphones never attracted the attention of general consumers, but the US Navy took note of this. The Navy, seeing the ability to transmit orders without being drowned by the roar of firearms on the battlefield, ordered 100 headphones for Mr. Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin gathered what he was using at home and got to the delivery.

It looks like you are actually using headphones.

A few years later, Mr. Baldwin closed his home workshop. Instead, we built a large production factory and established the "Baldwin Radio Company" company.

◆ 1930s
The songs of the 1930 's, the jazz saxophonist' sColeman Hawkins"Body and Soul" by

In the 1930s, the style of music will also increase in breadth.Swing jazzIt was around this time that electric musical instruments such as electric guitars were invented one after another. In 1937 important inventions were made in the history of headphones. Germany'sEugen · BuyerMr. is the world's firstDynamic typeI invented headphones and send out the model "DT 48" to the world.

It is surprising that dynamic headphones successfully developed by Mr. Buyer are still using the basic principle as it is even now even after 80 years from the invention. Audio equipment maker established by Mr.Beyerdynamic(Bayer Dynamic) still continues to manufacture audio equipment such as headphones and microphones, and the above-mentioned DT 48 was also a long-awaited model that production will continue until 2012.

Although there are design processes which are not seen so much now, such as the head band section, design of DT 48 which seems to be applicable to modern age as it is as it is.

The history of such beyerdynamic is summarized in 10 minutes in the following movie.

Beyerdynamic once & amp; today - a chronical digest

Songs of the 1950s are Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats' hit song "Rocket 88". It is a song that won first place on the national R & B chart, and the members of the band are also named "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"Ike TurnerAlso participate.

Speaking of what was invented in the 1950s, I can not talk about "LP record" and "rock and roll" separately. Elvis Presley is an explosive popularity in the United States which is booming after the end of the world wars two times, and enters an era where various companies target and set products targeting the rich youth market.

Speaking of headphones that symbolize this era, it is a type of "stick phone" with a handle and listening with one ear, and it plays a role of telling young people the appeal of music by being installed in town record stores and "record bar".

Having a stick phone in your hand, enjoying music by pushing buttons on the wall.

Also wearing a stick phone in both ears, a slightly irregular woman.

And in 1958, a new innovation happens in the headphone world. Until then it was headphones mainly used for communication, but headphone for pure music enjoyed by John Kos of the United States developed stereo headphones developed for the first time in the world was born. In this way headphones will penetrate into the lives of the general public.

In the following movie, John Kos himself talks about the formation of stereo headphones.

Koss - Founder's Story

One of the artists representing the 80s, "King of Pop" by Michael Jackson "Billy Jean"

In the 1980s, how to enjoy music itself changes greatly. Sony released in July 1979 "Walkman"It made it possible to take out the music that was enjoying in front of the stereo set at home to the outside until then.

It seems that it was an epoch-making thing at that time that you can enjoy your favorite music freely anytime and anywhere, and because of its lack of understanding of its charm at the beginning of the release, sluggish sales continued, but soon popular explosion . That concept can be said to have continued to follow CD Walkman, MD Walkman, Apple's iPod and so on.

There are a number of reasons for the success of the walkman, one of which is said to be "selling headphones in a set". For this walkman, Sony is a lightweight new modelMDR-3Developed. A dramatically compact and lightweight body than before has embodied the concept of Walkman as it is. From the release in 1979 to the present, the total sales volume of the Walkman series is far more than 200 million units.

Walkman's CM at the time was from the following. The case of cassette tape Walkman who became the device to listen to music as it was was very epoch-making at that time.

Sony - Walkman - Audio Cassette - Cool Retro TV Commercial - TV Ad - TV Spot - 1983

The songs of the 2000s are sometimes literally selected as "The Best Song of the Millenium"Outkast"Hey Ya!"

In the 1990s, the mainstream has shifted from analog to digital, and the era of treating music as data comes. Traditional cassette tapes are replaced with PC hard disks and memory cards, and computers begin to manage song library generally. In 2001, Apple released "to carry your own music library in your pocket"IPodWill be welcomed with enthusiasm popularity, "iPod's white earphone" will be recognized as an item of the latest fashion as it is.

Originally it was a white earphone that was often criticized for its sound quality, but it comes with iPhone 5 released in 2012EarPodsSo the sound quality has improved significantly.

The CM movie on the iPod that is aired on TV and impressive of the white earphone which took away the eyes of many people is impressive.

Ipod Ad

◆ 2010
Songs of the 2010s are "Dream Punk's" Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams ", which is" the most streaming playback in 2013 "and also has many covers versions

Apple is headphone manufacturer "Beats"Acquired at about 300 billion yen. Beats brand is DJ'sDr. DreAnd music producerJimmy IvinIt is a brand founded by Mr. It is famous for its establishment with high-end cable "Monster cable"monsterWas involved. Since its establishment in 2008, Beats is said to have won a 50% share of the premium headphone market.

Beat's success is a brand strategy that puts emphasis on elements of fashion, and it is also true that pure audio enthusiasts receive criticism in terms of sound quality. Certainly, Beats's products do not have such overwhelming innovation, but it can be said that the item is the best item for the purpose of users sending their own fashion.

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