"Scroll Slow. Have Fun." Still images can be seen moving by scrolling

It is made so that another picture can be seen by using illusionCheating pictureYaHidden pictureThere is a trick art like that, but as you scroll through a simple striped screen, why the gear rotates, it seems that the water droplets appear to move like dropped "Scroll Slow. Have Fun."is.

Scroll Slow. Have Fun.

You can see what you see by actually scrolling through the following movies.

How to use 'Scroll Slow. Have Fun.' - YouTube

The operation simply scrolls down the screen downwards. A kind of skeleton appeared at once.

Then a mechanical mechanism with a small gear appeared. If it is not scrolling it is just a still picture, but it is strange where the gears rotate as they are scrolling.

It looks like a black ball rolling like a passage ......

I also saw an animation that captured dripping dripping with a high speed camera. Scroll down to the end and it's a simple website.

When you access with a smartphone, the picture before entering the stripe part is displayed, and you can see the same animation by swiping.

It is possible to realize that the illusion effect that seems that the still image and the still image overlap each other rather than as a moving image.

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