Bluetooth wireless headset "Bluewire" which can record and share clouds automatically with recorded call contents

Bluetooth wireless headset to pair with the iPhone or Android terminal "Bluewire"You can record all the call contents with smartphone or VoIP application automatically, you can make calls between Bluewire or call between Bluewire and smartphone.


You can tell if "Bluewire" is a device by looking at the following movie.

World's smartest Bluetooth headset call recorder - YouTube

This is Bluewire. It is a small headset to use with wearing on the ear.

A woman carrying a smartphone and a recorder connected wired.

Although headphones with a microphone are attached to the head, if it is Bluewire, it is possible to cover three functions of a recorder, a headphone, and a microphone by itself.

Bluewire is a headset that can record the contents of the call, and the recorded data is saved in the built-in storage of the Bluewire main unit. Of course it is also possible to send recorded data to the smartphone side.

If there is Bluewire, you can answer the phone from a place 33 feet away from the smartphone (about 10 meters) and you can record the contents of the call.

The contents of the call can be heard from the application at any time ... ...

Since all the contents of the call can be kept, it is an ant to use it as an important meeting log or to substitute a memo when contents can not be taken away.

Rewritable data can be renamed, deleted or sent to other terminals from smartphone applications.

Connect your smartphone and Bluewire with Bluetooth. If it is an NFC compatible terminal, you can easily make Bluetooth connection by placing Bluewire on the terminal.

Furthermore, it is also possible to connect Bluewire to a car navigation system of a car.

Even if you are using the hands-free call feature of car navigation system, Bluewire will record all the contents of the call.

Moreover, even with a commercially available headset, Bluewire secretly records the contents of a call even if you are talking with a smartphone using another headset.

In addition to ordinary telephones, contents of video calls in Skype and VoIP applications are also recorded batchly.

The bodyQiBecause it is correspondence, if you want to charge the battery just put it on the wireless charging base OK.

Also, since the accelerometer is mounted in the main body, if you shake Bluewire ... ....

Since the paired terminal reacts, it is safe to forget where you put the smartphone.

Conversely, if you can not find Bluewire, you can operate it from the smartphone side ......

Bluewire will ring the sound to let you know whereabouts are.

Furthermore, it is also possible to substitute Bluewire for security alarms.

On the smartphone side, turn on the security alarm function ......

It is ok if you hook the Bluewire to the door.

When the door opens and Bluewire detects movement, the security buzzer sounds ringing.

Besides, since Bluewire is equipped with LED lights, it is ant to use instead of lights.

While calling for investment at Kickstarter, Bluewire already has over 20,000 dollars (about 2.4 million yen) in excess of the target price of $ 10,000 (about 1.2 million yen) Almost certain. A while agoIndiegogo is also recruiting investment, 80 thousand dollars (about 9.7 million yen) is gathered which is twice the target amount in this case. If you want to get Bluewire you can get one 16GB model with a contribution of $ 169 (about 20,000 yen), 32GB model with 245 dollars (about 30,000 yen) investment. The delivery time is scheduled for July in 2015 and the shipping fee will be different for each plan, but for one Bluewire one will be $ 25 (about 3000 yen).

The deadline for "Bluewire" is 2:08 PM on April 3, 2015.

Bluewire: Hands-Free Smartphone, VOIP Call Recorder by Senss Technologies, Inc. - Kickstarter

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