Video of the very moment that Everest encountered avalanche is being released on YouTube

An avalanche occurred around Everest due to a major earthquake in central Nepal. There were many climbers on the spot, but the German climber in it was turning the camera and a movie shot of the whole story until the avalanche occurred and released was released on YouTube It is being done.

Hit by Avalanche in Everest Basecamp 25.04.2015 - YouTube

Many tents are set up in the base camp.

The neighborhood is quiet and it is peaceful enough that the occasional laughter echoes.

But people suddenly started running.

A man shouting "shit!" And turning the camera shouts. If we turn the camera from the base camp to the sky ......

An avalanche that looks like a cloud in a position slightly away.

It will come near in no time.

A climber hiding in the shadow of the tent.

The colorful flags dancing with Hirahira will disappear more and more.

And the field of vision is gray. Only the tremendous sound called gourd echoes.

Beyond the spot, for a while, the voice called "damn". The whiskers are white, but the men who were with the mountaineers who turn the camera also seem to be safe.

Pants are pure white.

Cover the tent with snow.

Some men have fallen, but they somehow stand up.

A picture of the situation after the avalanche is also taken.

Everest Climbers Are Killed as Nepal Quake Sets Off Avalanche -

This is not a movie, but the appearance of avalanche shot in the picture. In the movie, I could not understand details, but it is amazing.

Although it is a base camp in which orange tents were lined up, after the avalanche, the tent has seen a broken skeleton in its backs.

Before the avalanche occurred and the scenery changed completely.

There was also a figure of a man who clears the tent.

The rescue team came up.

At least 17 people are killed by avalanches and more than 37 people are injured.

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