Minecraft was bought by Microsoft What is the unknown truth behind the scenes?


Beginning with an indie game for PC, after being deployed on many platforms gained popularity all over the worldMine Craft"Is a game developed by a Swedish company named Mojang. Microsoft acquired its Mojang in September 2014 with an amount of about 268 billion yen,Acquisition play remaining in game historyIt became, but behind the unfolding purchase play and Notch, the founder of MojangMarkus PerssonA book written about Mr.Minecraft: Second Edition The Unlikely Tale of Markus Notch Persson and the Game That Changed Everything"The authors reveal behind-the-scenes behind Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang at Wired.

The Unlikely Story of Microsoft's Surprise Minecraft Buyout | WIRED

Appeared in book "Minecraft: Second Edition"Jens BergenstenMr. joined Mojang in October 2010. He was involved in map creation for Minecraft, and in December 2011 he was appointed lead developer in exchange with Persson who was the founder of Mojang and also the creator of Minecraft. Since acquiring Mojang by Microsoft, I am also in charge of Lead Developer of Minecraft.

The left person in the image is Bergensten.


About 1 month before the acquisition agreement it was revealed to Mr. Bergensten about selling Mojang. Mr. Carl Manneh, who was CEO of Mojang, told that three officers, Mr. Persson and Mr. Jakob Porser including him, are planning to sell Mojang to Microsoft. Mr. Bergensten was shocked and he said he could not understand everything at the moment he was told. Mojang, who Mr. Bergensten had thought, is like a shining star in the indie games industry, a company that put maximum emphasis on developing superior games, not profits. Initially it was impossible to believe the decision of the company.

Mr. Bergensten, who thought that the fans of Minecraft felt angry for the sale, would not feel like it was abandoned, will discuss with Persson. Mr. Persson said, "I understand the fans' feelings and I know that money seems to be dark, but I wanted to keep distance with the Internet," Bergensten said in a conversation It is only this that I remember with.

At that time, I knew about the company's sale only some of the people involved in Minecraft, all the stories about the sale were treated as confidential. Due to being unable to confide to colleagues as well as family, Mr. Bergensten says he felt guilty and had an unbearable time. The fact that the sale was treated as a confidential matter is because Microsoft was afraid of Mojang employees' fear of repelling while fearing the leak to the media. Naturally, when all employees were told about the sale, a big shock hit the employees, but Microsoft is going to overcome that problem with money as a weapon.

BySoumyadeep Paul

Microsoft posted on Mojang employees that "if I stay in Mojang for half a year after selling is completed, I will pay $ 300,000 (about 37 million yen)". In the first place, few employees were satisfied with the salary of Mojang, and salary seems to be the amount that can be said to be "less" even if you think of Maincraft's sales. Also, the three officers did not transfer the shares of the company to the employees enrolled at the time of foundation. In other words, the offer that Microsoft posted for many employees was that the charm was too big.

According to Mr. Bergensten, the atmosphere inside the company was also friendly, and there were no barriers due to the position among the employees at the time of establishment, but as the company grew big, there was a big barrier between executives and employees, employees Everyone in the world came to think Persson, Mr. Manneh, and Porser not as members of game development, but as management. Mojang employees said that "from the company" Mojang is the best workplace, it is free to go to the Game Developers Conference to be held in the USA and free of winter bonus. "Meaning to reduce employee salary So, I think that Mojang's management was going really well, "he says to Wired.

An employee who did not receive a salary commensurate with the size of the company seems to have felt disappointed or betrayed by the company when he learned that Mojang will be sold to Microsoft. In addition, three of the executives decided to leave the company after selling the company to Microsoft, and discussions with employees about the subsequent plans were never done. "Microsoft should not have wanted Persson who was particularly influential among the three to leave the company because it strongly wanted Persson himself to leave the company by that much, Shin, "Mr. Bergensten thinks.


When Microsoft officials came to Mojang to explain the acquisition to Mojang employees, Persson did not appear in the company. Bergensten says, "I was tired, or maybe I was not interested in a company named Mojang."

According to Bergensten, three officers including Mr. Persson, the creator of Minecraft, gained unimaginable benefits from Mojang sale. On the last day as a company independent for Mojang, Persson said he returned home without greeting employees. Although he seems to have said something for a moment, after hesitating he said nothing, I left the company in a manner to avoid employees' desk.


I do not know if Mr. Bergensten's 100% truth is revealed this time, but if this is the real story, it might be hard for fans who have played Minecraft from the beginning. At the time of this exposure play, interest will gather whether what former Mojang former official including Persson will react, or nothing will be told.

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