It is confirmed that the monkeys tame the wild wolves and live in groups.

Humans are animals with high intelligence that can live with livestock such as dogs and cattle, but "monkeys" symbiotic with "wolf" are confirmed in Africa. It is like a monkey that seems as if she is taming herself as a wolf, but what kind of relationship is being built together?

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Living in Africa · Ethiopia etc.Gerada dahiThe monkey is about 70 centimeters in length and eats flowers and seeds and lives by forming dozens of small groups in grasslands and rocky areas.

Wild dogs for Gerada baboonSerleSmall carnivorous beasts such as the natural enemy is a natural enemy, it is not unusual that a group of gaya red baboons are attacked.

Although it was thought to be incompatible with carnivorous beasts, it is Gerada baboon, a zoologist from Ethiopia confirmed that a wolf, which can be a natural enemy as a predator, coexists in the group of Gerada baboons. This wolf moved around in a group of Gerada baboons gently, and did not escape Galada baboon and repel the wolf, he seems to have acted as if the wolf were not there.

Researchers who continued to observe the strange co-living of Gerada baboons and wolves found that wolves are better positioned when they are in a group of Gerada baboons than when they act aloneRodentIt is said that he found out that he has acquired 40% more. In other words, living in a group of Gerada baboons for wolves has a great opportunity to get more prey, which is a great advantage.

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When a researcher observed a group of gaya baboons and wolves for a long time, the wolf never eaten baby of gentian baboon. It is expected that it will be easy to attack a helpless baby monkey, but since she does not dare prey, it is expected that the mutual relationship between Gerada baboon and wolf is very stable. In addition, it seems that only one example of a wolf who attacked a baby monkey was observed, but soon the group of Gerada redbugs recaptured the baby monkey from the wolf, and the wolf was driven away.

On the other hand, researchers say, "By incorporating wolves in a group, it seems that Gerada baboon has not benefited," he says. For example, even in the state of communal life with the wolf, there is a raid by a wild dog, the wolf has escaped without driving away the dog, and the wolf does not seem to have the effect of driving the predator off the predator.

Given the history of humans who followed livestock dogs by killing off aggressive wolves and excluding only dogs that are obedient species, the actions that Gerada babies tolerate wolves are unknown at the moment However, it may be said that it can be said as the starting point for livestock acquisition by monkeys to build win-win relationship.

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