Reverse trike of OK with normal car license and "Can-Am Spyder F3S" blast review

"Trike" of one wheel in front and two wheels in the back is popular because it does not require a motorcycle license and there is no obligation to wear a helmet, but unlike a general trike, two wheels in front and one wheel in the back The so-called "reverse trike" is gathering popularity since it combines the feeling of opening of the trike and the high sports performance. So, in order to know what the charm of the reverse trike is, sporty inverse trike in macho "Can-Am SpyderI tried running while cutting the wind.

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This time, Can-Am Spyder was borrowed from an authorized dealer of Can-Am Spyder located in Osaka-Sakai City "Challenge".

Can-Am Spyder's RT LIMITED and F3S welcome you at Dodon and in the shop.

There were various kinds of Can-Am Spyder displayed in the store too. In addition, Can - Am Spyder is OK with an ordinary car license (medium - sized driver 's license) and can be driven by anyone who does not have a motorcycle license.

Among the many Can-Am Spyder series borrowed this time,Tokyo Motor Show 2015"Can-Am Spyder F3S" that was impressive in its entirety. The powerful sporty style burned into the eyes and the delusion that "I want to ride, want to feel, I want to become wind," got extreme, and I was fortunate enough to have a chance to test-ride.

The Tokyo Motor Show 2015BRPYou can see the state of the Can-Am Spyder booth in the following article.

Reverse trike of 1300 cc engine & powerful force form that can be ridden with normal car license "can-am Spyder" - GIGAZINE

Can-Am Spyder is the so-called "reverse trike" of the front two wheels.

Fearless face preparation.

On the other hand, the style of nose cone and cycle fender is an open carSuper sevenIt is a design that reminds me of.

"S" emblem which is a proof of a superior model with cruise control.

Looking from the side like this. The size is 2642 mm in total length × 1497 mm in full width × 1099 mm in total height, the weight of dry car is 386 kg.

Rear is a very thick one wheel. Vivid orange color of the swing arm and reinforcing frame is sporty.

The front tire is 165 / 55R15.

Brake caliper is Brembo.

Front suspension is FOX PODIUM's single damper.

Macho around the tank. It's more like a marine jet or a snowmobile than a bike. That should be that, BRP "Bombardier Recreational Products (Bombardier · Recreational Products) "It stands for the current aircraft maker, Bombardier, founded by JA A. Bombardier. The snowmobile business that supported the leap of Bombardier is BRP of Roots, so it may be natural that the taste is added to Can-Am Spyder F3S.

The peeking engine between reinforcing frames is made by Rotax.

1330 ACE of 1330 cc inline 3 cylinder made by Rotax under BRP has output 115 ps, torque is 130 N · m. It is said to generate large torque from low rotation.

Ali is also muddy.

The Can - Am Spyder series is a structure that stops three wheels with only the right foot brake. Since the foot peg can adjust the position forward and backward in 5 steps, even a small person can find out the position.

Sheet is stylish and stylish. It is equipped with a tandem bar, it is OK for two people.

The tandem step is in front of the muffler.

The rear extreme tires are 225 / 50R15.

Tire made by KENDA in Taiwan.

Also the rear brake disc brake.

A muffler with an exhaust port of Δ × 2.

The rear is Monosus made by SACHS.

A big turn indicator that also serves as a brake light.

Not a chain but a belt is adopted.

There is no gear in the left step. Can-Am Spyder borrowed a model of six-speed semi-automatic in this time that there are 6-speed semi-automatic as well as 6-speed MT.

A blinker lamp is on the top of the fender.

When sitting on the seat it feels like this.

Meter is an analog speedometer and tachometer.

In the center display, the speed, rotation speed and gear are displayed digitally.

Aggregate various buttons to the left of the handle. Light, turn signal, horn is on the left, paddle for gear shift on the outside. On the right are ECO buttons to use at start, four buttons for display operation, parking buttons.

Because it is a semi-automatic model, there is no clutch lever. Use the shifting paddle to pinch with the index finger and thumb.

Shift up by pushing forward "+" ......

A mechanism to shift down by pulling the back "-" toward you. The shift down operation of the six-speed semi-automatic can also be entrusted to the machine.

An accelerator throttle to the right of the steering wheel. On the left side of the throttle are a kill switch, a cruise control button, a cell switch.

There is a hazard lamp button at the back of the kill switch.

The side mirror is slightly small.

Gasoline cock in the center of the tank. In addition, Can-Am Spyder is high-octane designation.

A major feature of Can-Am Spyder is that it can be backed with reverse gear. Although it is a reverse gear which is rarely adopted in an unstable motorcycle, it is mounted on Can - Am Spyder which is stable with 3 wheels. Holding down the "R" button on the left and pressing the "-" on the shift paddle allows the gear to reverse and move backward.

It is like this when you get on the Can-Am Spyder. It is a position close to what is called an American bike.

The seat height is 675 mm, but even if it is in the "tiptoe" state, there is no problem at all. The stability of 3 wheel trike is the difference of muddy with the handling of a large motorcycle, it is the extreme of comfort.

When it is tandem, it looks like this.

Feeling natural when you put your hands on your shoulders.

It is OK even if you touch the body.

That's why we started the test ride. Although helmet is not mandated, it is recommended to wear it for safety.

You can check the state of riding full of feeling of opening with the following movie while cutting the wind with Can-Am Spyder.

Driving style of the reverse trial "Can-Am Spyder F3S" with normal license is OK like this - YouTube

The world that the driver feels is like this.

When you let out the wind with an inverse trike "Can-Am Spyder" which is OK with a normal car license, it feels like this - YouTube

Can-Am Spyder has outstanding straight running stability. There is also a torqueful engine characteristic, there is a sense of security that you can enjoy even those who never got on the bike.

Because the reverse trike has two wheels on the front wheels, the cross width is extremely good, so the stress of hitting obstacles against the obstacles is higher than that of the general rear two wheels. Furthermore, the comfort of the semi-automa that automatically shifts down is outstanding, and at restraint it will be easy to get used to the drive operation with the comfort of being OK if it concentrates only on the foot brake.

Since I am used to driving feeling, I advanced to the city area. Afterwards, you can go through the main road with the mood going forward, and see how to drive with full of feeling of opening in the following movie.

A movie with a good understanding of exhilaration obtained with "Can-Am Spyder", an inverted trike which is OK with a regular car license - YouTube

The 1330 cc engine is an explosive extrusion if it turns, so it easily adds to legal speed at 2nd speed. Because it is high torque, it is easier to hold 3rd speed if it is an urban road. Usually, gears can only be raised up to the fifth gear, and when it exceeds 60 km / h, it seems that it can be put in the 6th gear. Can-Am Spyder F3S also features cruise control so long distance driving is comfortable.

Also, the feeling of turning by turning the steering wheel is a little bit different from the bike, a unique driving style is required to extend the outer leg while pulling the arm in the direction of bending towards you and steer the body slightly inward. In the corner it is a habit to get in a posture like hang-on by putting your body inside so as not to defeat the centrifugal force.

Unlike a straight line, there is a need to actively move the body in corner work, etc. It is deep, and there is a pleasure of gradually riding the arm while riding the arm. The unique driving style using the body while receiving a fresh wind was full of driving pleasure that was different from both two wheels and four wheels.

So, sunset in a flash. By the way, the front headlights are always on at all times even during daytime driving due to safety.

Can-Am Spyder which is powerful, easy to handle, and can enjoy corner work seems to be said to be an independent genre ride that is neither two wheels nor four wheels. Even though there is a feeling of opening like a motorcycle, there is no worry about collapse and there is no sense of security, so it is perfect for use not only for sports driving but also for leisurely touring. Also, the power of the reverse gear is overwhelming, and once used it was comfortable to complain about the inconvenience of handling the two wheels.

Can-Am Spyder seems to be said to be a machine that people who wants to enjoy sports driving, who wants to enjoy comfortable long distance touring, or who wishes to ride Choi to nearby convenience stores. It seems that under the circumstances where large-scale two-wheel accidents occur frequently, high return is also gaining from return riders.

Can-Am Spyder F3S has a main unit price of 2,150,000 (tax not included)BRP dealerYou can purchase at.

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