Mozilla announces "finishing deployment for Firefox OS smartphones", just two years after release Firefox OS smartphones will disappear

"Firefox OS"Is a mobile operating system different from iOS · Android · Windows Phone. From Japan's au in December 2014Smartphone with Firefox OS "Fx 0"Has been released,Growing steadily all over the worldAlthough it was reported as being reported, in December 2015 Mozilla which develops Firefox OS suddenly announces "to finish deployment for Firefox OS Smartphone".

Mozilla Will Stop Developing And Selling Firefox OS Smartphones | TechCrunch

"We announced that Mozilla will stop developing and selling the Firefox OS for smartphones," announced on the international news siteTechCrunchIt reports. As for "smartphones", development and sales are stopped only for smartphones, and from now on, we will continue to use the technology we have obtained in the development of Firefox OSIoTApplication to the field.

This announcement seems to have taken place in the Mozilla developer event "Mozlando" to be held from 6th to 12th December 2015. Also, Ari Jaaksi, senior vice president at Mozilla's Connected Devices division, said on Twitter, "We are going to pour Firefox OS technology into the IoT field, which is a great starting point. It is the beginning, it is never the end. "

In addition, Mr. Jaaksi has issued a formal statement "We are proud of the benefits that Firefox OS brings to the web platform, and continue to experiment on the user experience that can be obtained by connecting various devices to the Internet We are going to make everything we do a pure open source project, first focus on the user experience, then create a tool that will allow us to grow the ecosystem.Firefox OS is based on We scaled a lot from flexibility and low-end smartphones to HD-quality TV, but we can not provide the best user experience and therefore stop the development of Firefox OS for smartphones We will continue to We will share what we have and offer a new experience with IoT, "he says, details the suspension of the development of Firefox OS for smartphones.

The presence of Firefox OS first became apparent in 2013, and it was the OS targeting the developing countries and the demands for low cost smartphones. In order to differentiate it from the mobile OS such as iOS and Android, Mozilla and its career partner have made Firefox OS "Web First Platform", a platform that works only with web applications, not native applications.

However, the number of sales was very small, and the terminal itself was not attracting consumers' interests. From the business point of view, the strategy for the smartphone of Firefox OS has become a major failure, but with this as a "Plan to separate Thunderbird from MozillaMozilla's idea is to optimize the project by eliminating the unnecessary part in the Firefox OS as well as doing it.

Mozilla has released a content blocker "Focus by Firefox" for iOS devices at the same time as announcing Firefox OS, and has also been reviewed by GIGAZINE.

Free iOS ad removal application "Focus" appeared from Mozilla of Firefox so I tried using it - GIGAZINE

◆ Additional note December 10, 2015 11: 21

Mozilla's Connected Devices Division - Senior Vice President Ari Jaaksi posted an article on Firefox OS on Mozilla Official Blog. According to it, Mozilla will focus on the development of prototypes of new use cases using IoT devices based on Firefox OS technology developed up to now. Specifically, it is explained that development of web connection equipment and technology that anyone can access and manage will be the main. Resources obtained by stopping the development of smartphones will be used for future projects.

Firefox OS Pivot to Connected Devices | The Mozilla Blog

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