A report that 70% of the total bandwidth of the net is occupied by the movie delivery

Investigate usage trends of net usersSandvineI compiled a report on Internet bandwidth occupied by Internet users in North America. Among them, it is clear that many broadband users on fixed lines are using bandwidth for movie streaming delivery.

Streaming Video Is 70 Percent of Broadband Use - Sandvine | Re / code

This is a graph showing the proportion of the top 5 applications in the bandwidth and the other (6th or less) of the "evening" which is the peak time which net use is most frequently performed. It should be noted that "Real-Time Entertainment" occupies more than 70% of the download (center) graph. Real-Time Entertainment refers to streaming distribution centered on movies, and in the USA where streaming movies such as Netflix are popular, you can see that most of the bandwidth is consumed for streaming delivery.

Concrete download destination is Netflix in 1st place, YouTube 2nd place, it seems that these two strongs occupy more than half of bandwidth. After that the contents of streaming movies such as Amazon Video of 4th place and Hulu of 7th place are crowded at the top.

On the other hand, the occupied bandwidth occupation in mobile communication is like this. Real-Time Entertainment accounts for about 40% of downloads, and its center is YouTube.

Looking at breakdown, about 20% of YouTube is top, about 16% is Facebook. Each top content of streaming movies and SNS seems to occupy a lot of bandwidth.

It is not hard to imagine that much band is used for watching streaming movies even in Japan, though not as much as North America, where the style of watching TV on the Internet distribution is fully established. In the future, if 4 K movies become mainstream, this ratio is expected to rise further, so it seems to be said that development of compression technology for movies is indispensable for comfortable line use.

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